Director of Quality Engineering at Anduril Industries, Material Science & Engineering Representative
M.S., Manufacturing Systems

Malcolm Early is currently the Director of Quality Engineering at Anduril Industries. Before Anduril, Malcolm spent time with Microsoft where throughout his tenure there he held various engineering leadership positions in New Product Introduction and Sourcing organizations building an influential position for Microsoft hardware based products. His current focus surrounds the development of design experiences and implementation of material technologies that enhance the use of Windows technologies in Microsoft devices. Over the last five years, Malcolm has participated on the Industrial Advisory Council for the Material Science and Engineering department at Lehigh where he has been able to share his perspectives and experiences from working in various technology based industries and applications of new technologies to support curriculum and polices for undergraduate and graduate students.

After graduating from the Masters of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineer program in 1996, Malcolm worked at Sun Microsystems in various operations engineering roles contributing to the development of SPARC based workstations and servers that fueled the DotCom markets. In 1998, Malcolm won the Distinguished Engineer’s Product Quality award for innovations in design for manufacturability. Malcolm led engineering organization developing hard disk drive, memory, and power supply technologies that enhance the performance of workstations, servers, and telecommunication products.

In 2008, Malcolm joined Apple as a leader in Supply Base Engineering focusing on developing new enclosure and material technologies for iPod, iPhone, Accessory, and Apple Watch products. This combined the engineering rigor of material and process knowledge with high volume, fast deployment manufacturing capabilities in Asia. During this time, Malcolm helped Industrial Designer and Product Designers with multiple new product which were enabled by converting design ideas to manufacturable solutions meeting cost and quality aspirations.

Outside of his career activities, Malcolm spends time with his wife and two children living in the Pacific Northwest. He is an active member in Society of Manufacturing Engineering. He enjoys mentoring high school students and has interests in automotive technology, cooking, and college football, particularly when Lehigh beats Lafayette.

Malcolm is a member of the Materials Science & Engineering department's advisory council serving as its ex-officio member for the Dean’s Advisory Council.

Malcolm Early