Below you will find forms and information for Master’s and Doctoral candidates within Lehigh Engineering that are planning to graduate. If you have any problems or concerns, please contact the graduate coordinator for your department and/or the College's manager of graduate programs.

  • Application for degree
    Students who are planning to graduate need to complete the online Application for Degree. This form is found by logging into the student portal, clicking on the banner link and selecting the student services menu. Deadlines for filing the Application for Degree can be found on the academic calendar here. Please note: students who do not graduate in the semester for which they originally filed must complete and re-submit an Application for Degree for the semester in which they will graduate.
  • Interdepartmental clearance sheet
    Students who have obtained keys to access buildings, offices, or labs must complete this form to confirm that they've returned those keys to Lehigh's Facilities Office.
  • Dissertation and thesis guidelines
    This form provides information on restrictions, formatting, and provides example cover pages to be used on either a Master's thesis or Doctoral dissertation.

Master’s Specific Forms

The Master’s degree is granted to properly qualified students who complete, satisfactorily, at least two full semesters of advanced work.  Candidates for the Master’s degree have six years in which to complete their programs.  The time to complete the degree begins when the student first registers for courses.  Students should confer with their advisors to be certain that specific department and program course requirements are met.  College requirements for the master’s degree can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook. Thesis submission information can be found on page 23.

  • Master's program form
    This form allows students to list the 30 credits that will count toward their Master's degree.
  • Thesis submission instructions
    This document outlines the documents that must be submitted along with a student's completed thesis.
  • Lehigh Open Access permission form
    This form allows a student's work to be made available within the Lehigh Libraries or establishes an embargo upon the dissertation for an allotted period of time.

Ph.D. Specific Forms

Doctoral candidates who are ready to graduate have several deadlines other than the Application for Degree deadline. All deadlines must be met in order for a student to be cleared for graduation.  Specific deadlines for any given academic year can be found on the Lehigh University academic calendar.  The first deadline is the dissertation draft deadline which requires you to submit a draft of your written work, up to that point, to the office of the RCEAS Graduate Programs Manager for a formatting review.  The draftshould be submitted in electronic format and must be approved by your advisor and one other doctoral committee member.  This approval may be in writing or electronic signature or email.  The final deadline is approximately three weeks after the draft deadline; all degree requirements, including passing the defense and submission of a final written dissertation, must be completed on or before this date.  A complete overview of college-level requirements for the doctoral degree can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook.