Greetings from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Lehigh University!

If you are a dreamer and leader who seeks the challenge of a rigorous engineering education that dissolves the boundaries between traditional disciplines and modes of learning, ours is the environment for you. We are one of the first universities in the world to offer a degree in electrical engineering, and throughout our proud history we have led the evolution and transformation of our discipline. We pride ourselves on producing young women and men who have learned how to learn, and how to keep themselves current amidst the rapid pace of technology and business innovation.

ECE students are leaders on campus in the classroom and in the lab, but also in the arts, athletics, and in Lehigh's many opportunities to explore entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, and creative inquiry. Academic and experiential learning opportunities abound, and build among our students an appreciation of the power of interdisciplinary thinking and research; this hallmark of the Lehigh mindset is evident throughout the ECE community. A favorable student/faculty ratio enables individual attention, and along with it a strong sense of community among our department's faculty, staff, alumni, and students at all levels.
Through leadership of Lehigh's new Interdisciplinary Research Institutes and in collaborative efforts that span the globe, ECE research is making an impact here on campus and all over the world, With support from government and industry, our department's research endeavors lead the way in national and global conversations in topics such as health and biomedicine, energy, environment, high-performance computing, communications, infrastructure, and security. ECE faculty are known for finding and building innovative connections between work in the lab and student-centered graduate and undergraduate learning environments, and our alumni prove year after year the value of this integrated approach to learning.
Thank you for your interest in Lehigh's ECE community! To find out more about our dynamic research and innovative graduate and undergraduate educational programs, we encourage you to browse our website or contact us to arrange a visit.