Cadence University Member Program

Cadence University Member Program 

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Cadence is used as follows:
  • Custom Integrated Circuits (IC)
    -> ECE 361 - Introduction to VLSI
         Course Description: (Intro to VLSI) The design of Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) Circuits, with emphasis on CMOS Standard Cell design. Topics include MOS transistor physics, device behavior and device modeling, MOS technology and physical layout, design of combinational and sequential circuits, static and dynamic memories, and VLSI chip organization. The course includes a design project using CAE tools for layout, design rule checking, parameter extraction, and Cadence simulations for performance prediction. Two one-hour lectures and three hours of laboratory per week.
  • Digital Integrated Circuits (IC)
    -> ECE 319 - Digital System Design
    Course Description: Design techniques at the register transfer level. Control strategies for hardware architectures. Implementation of microprogramming, intersystem communication and peripheral interfacing. Hardware design languages and their use in design specification, verification and simulation.
  • Silicon Package Board (SPB) Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
    -> ECE 182 - Junior Laboratory
    Course Description: Experiments designed to exploit the students understanding of basic circuits and filters. Experiments designed to help students understand basic signals and systems concepts such as time-frequency domain duality, power measurement, modulation, sampling and data conversion. Students are introduced to a variety of integrated circuits including multipliers, analog switches, digital electronics, S/H, A/D, and D/A converters. Computer software design aids, particularly Cadence is used throughout the semester. One three-hour laboratory per week.

    -> ECE 257/CREG 257 - Senior Lab Project I
    Course Description:

    (Senior Lab Project 1)With ECE/CREG 257, provides a complete design experience for Electrical and Computer Engineers. Students are expected to identify essential project aspects crucial to success and to perform in-depth engineering evaluation and testing demonstrating that desired results can be achieved with the proposed implementation. Instruction in technical writing, product development, ethics and professional engineering, and presentation of design and research. Two three hour sessions and one additional two hour lecture per week. Must have senior status.

    -> ECE 258/CREG 258 - Senior Lab Project II
    Course Description:

    With ECE/CREG 258, Continuation of CREG 257 Complete design, construction, and testing of projects selected and developed in CREG 257. Final design reviews and project presentations; final written report; development issues, including manufacturability, patents, and ethics. Department approval.

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