Freshman YearCurricular Highlights

The coursework during the freshman year is identical for students in all engineering disciplines. Students complete required courses in mathematics and basic sciences that build the foundation for the rigorous engineering curriculum in forthcoming years.

The highlight during the freshman year is the ENGR 5: Introduction to Engineering Practice course where students are introduced to various engineering disciplines and gain their first hands-on experience in problem solving, design, project planning, teamwork, ethics and professionalism; innovative solution development and implementation. Students will also declare their major.



Sophomore YearCurricular Highlights

Students are introduced to the electrical engineering and computer engineering disciplines, and begin their pursuit of conceptual and methodological expertise in the disciplines.

Sophomores learn the fundamentals of electronic circuits, digital circuits, Boolean algebra, computer architecture, assembly programming and semiconductor devices through courses and a hands-on laboratory experience.



Junior YearCurricular Highlights

The coursework and laboratory experience during the junior year provides the students a well-rounded education in the different sub-disciplines in electrical and computer engineering such as circuit theory, computer architecture, electromagnetics and digital systems.

The theoretical courses are designed to help students gain expertise in the analytical foundations required for many advanced technical electives and graduate level courses.



Curricular Highlights

The coursework during the senior year are primarily composed of more advanced core courses as well as approved technical electives, through which students can advance their conceptual and methodological training in a chosen track such as computer architecture, embedded systems, wireless communication and networking, photonics, energy systems, thus amply preparing them to pursue a career in the industry or an advanced degree in engineering. 

The highlight during the senior year is the two semester ECE 257 & 258 Senior Design course where students are provided a complete engineering design experience involving research, planning, construction and testing, integrating the many facets of their undergraduate program. Students work in groups of two or three and infuse their individual creativity with the skills and tools acquired through the curriculum to conceive, design and develop a finished product. The Senior Design course taught by Professor Wenxin Liu provides a formal exposure to the complete transition from an idea to an invention. At the end of the year, students will present their final design reviews & project presentations, discuss development issues, including manufacturability, patents and ethics.