The class I want to take is full - what can I do to get in it?

If the class you want to take is a core ECE class, please contact the ECE Department Office. If the class is a core class in another department, you may contact the corresponding department office for further action. If the class is an elective, please contact the faculty teaching the class to determine if you can get in.

How can I change to the Electrical or Computer Engineering major from another major?

Simply stop by the ECE office and fill out a major declaration form.

I want to take an ECE course but the prerequisites have changed - what should I do?

You will need to take the new prerequisites. Students are responsible for any updates or changes in prerequisites. If you believe you have the necessary expertise to take the class, then you may contact the faculty for a possible waiver of the prerequisites. Please note that prerequisite waivers are provided only in very rare circumstances.

Who do I contact if I am interested in undergraduate research opportunities?

You should consult with faculty members who have similar interests so they can guide you appropriately. Faculty research interests and research areas are available on the ECE Research Page and individual faculty pages.

What is the Presidential scholar's program and who qualifies for it?

The President’s Scholar Program recognizes outstanding academic achievement by undergraduate students by providing a fifth year (i.e., a 9th and 10th semester) of study free of tuition.  This benefit is intended to give students an opportunity to (1) pursue a second undergraduate degree, (2) pursue a graduate degree, or (3) undertake an advanced project of a scholarly or creative nature (e.g., a thesis, a portfolio of artwork, a design project, a field or laboratory research project) that does not lead to a degree. More information about the general provisions and the eligibility criteria can be found on the Lehigh University Registrar's page.

How can I find out which classes are offered during Summer?

See the Lehigh University Course Catalog for complete curriculum information for all semesters.