Electric Energy

Whether in the home, commercial or industrial settings, we rely increasingly on electricity-intensive devices and processes. Looking ahead, this reliance will only grow as we depend on electric power to meet more and more of our energy needs. To enable this electric energy future, we require solutions today to drastically improve the generation, delivery and consumption of electricity.

The faculty in the Electricity Energy research area are addressing wide ranging technologies that will enable an electric energy future that is more efficient, green, resilient and secure. The efforts include: developing devices and materials that improve green generation and energy-efficient consumption; addressing the overhaul of the physical and cyber infrastructures of the power grid; and improving the power efficiency of existing digital processes. These activities span across a variety of disciplines, both within and outside of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and are closely integrated with several inter-disciplinary programs, including the Center for Optical Technologies and the Integrated Networks for Electricity Research Cluster.

Research Activities:

  • Solar Photovoltaic Cells
  • Thermoelectric Materials
  • High-Efficiency Solid State Lighting
  • Grid-Scale Integration of Renewable Generation, Demand Response and Energy Storage Systems
  • Communications and Control Infrastructure for Power Grid Operations
  • Security and Privacy Concerns in the Electricity Infrastructure
  • Green Communications


Affiliated Research: