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Arup K. SenGupta

Areas of Research

Environmental Technology
Sustainable Water Treatment


Arup K. SenGupta is a leader in environmental technology research and education, and has guided dozens of graduate students to successful careers in engineering practice and research. His award-winning research has expanded the field of ion exchange science and technology in solving environmental problems, and has led to the development of new classes of hybrid ion exchangers that have been incorporated into water and wastewater treatment processes globally. He heads an international, interdisciplinary effort to develop and promote a sustainable treatment system that provides drinking water free of arsenic to thousands of people all over the world.

He holds four patents and he developed and helped to commercialize the first polymer-based absorbent for arsenic in the U.S., a product that is currently being used at more than 200 installations. SenGupta's innovations in environmental engineering and his collaborative work with university researchers and local engineers in developing nations have been recognized with a multiplicity of awards, among them the 2001 Frontier Research Award from the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors, the International Ion Exchange Award from Cambridge University, the Mondialogo Engineering Award from Daimler-Chrysler and the U.N., the Grainger Silver Award from the National Academy of Engineering, the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance Sustainability Award, the Dhirubhai Ambani Award from the Institution of Chemical Engineers (UK), the Astellas USA Foundation Award from the American Chemical Society, and the Lawrence K. Cecil Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

SenGupta is a member of the American Chemical Society, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers,the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Water Works Association, the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors, and the Water Environment Federation.


Teaching and Service

Dr. SenGupta teaches courses in environmental chemistry, reaction kinetics in environmental engineering, and environmental separation and control. He also teaches a hands-on engineering course for first-year students as well as an introductory environmental engineering course. In addition, he holds a joint faculty appointment in Lehigh’s department of chemical engineering and served as the department chair in civil and environmental engineering from 1998–2005. SenGupta was the lead faculty to introduce all three degree programs (BS, MS and PhD) in environmental engineering at Lehigh University.

SenGupta is a member of the American Chemical Society, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Water Works Association, the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors, and the Water Environment Federation.


Selected Publications

Smith, R.C. and SenGupta, A.K. "Mixed Anion Exchange Resins for Tunable Control of Sulfate–Chloride Selectivity for Sustainable Membrane Pretreatment." Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. (2016): DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.5b03081.

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Ph.D., Environmental Engineering,
M.S., Environmental Engineering,
B.S., Chemical Engineering,