My research interests are related to: Bio-fluids; bio-inspired engineering; unsteady flows; fluid-structure interactions.

I have specific interests in unsteady fluid mechanics, biological flying and swimming, vortex dynamics, fluid instability, multiple-body fluid interactions/boundary interactions, and active structures/flow control. I also have related interests in marine hydrokinetic and wind turbines.

My research program combines theory, computations and experiments. My group has expertise in developing an in-house unsteady boundary element method to study high Reynolds number unsteady flows with a fast numerical framework.  My group also specializes in experimental force and flow measurements.  I'm the director of several flow facilities including two low-speed (up to 50 m/s) wind tunnel facilities each with an 18" by 18" test section and two water channel facilities with a 24" by 36" and a 24" by 24" test section, respectively.  We have several stereoscopic particle image velocimetry systems, six-axis force/torque sensors and a host of actuators, sensors, controllers, and data acquisition systems.

Keith W. Moored
Associate Professor
(610) 758-4105
Packard Lab
19 Memorial Drive West
Bethlehem, PA 18015


Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Ph. D., University of Virginia, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
B. S., University of Virginia, Aerospace Engineering
B. A., University of Virginia, Physics

Areas of Research

Bio-inspired flows, Unsteady flows, Fluid/Structure Interaction, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena