MSE Seminar SeriesLehigh's Department of Materials Science and Engineering presents its Fall 2021 Seminar Series.

All seminars are scheduled for 4:30 p.m. in Whitaker Lab Room 303, unless otherwise noted below.

Any zoom links will be announced.

Attendance is required of all full-time MS&E graduate students, and are also open to visitors.

Date Speaker & Title Host/Advisor
8/24/2021 Dr. Wojciech Misiolek, Dept. Chair
Kickoff Seminar
Prof. Wojciech Misiolek
8/31/2021 Dr. Laura Moyer
Safety Seminar
Dr. Laura Moyer

Dr. Shen J. Dillon, University of California, Irvine
Is Densification During Sintering Diffusion Rate Limited?

Prof. Martin Harmer
9/14/2021 Dr. Matthew Korey, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Biologically Derived and Recycled Feedstocks: Key Components of the Circular Economy for Composites

Prof. Lesley Chow
9/21/2021 Dr. Samuel Wilson-Whitford, Lehigh University
"Methods of encapsulating mobile microparticles"
Prof. Jim Gilchrist
* 4 pm in WH 203 9/28/2021 Undergraduate Symposium Prof. Vinay Mehta
10/5/2021 Ali Erk, Lehigh University Career Office
Take Steps Now to Position Yourself for Success in the Job Market
MSE Student Networking Committee
*Friday, 10/29/2021 Dr. David Drabold, Ohio University - As part of I-FMD Grand Challenges
Atomistic Simulation of Disordered Materials
Prof. Himanshu Jain
11/9/2021 Dr. Andrea Alu, City University of New York
Exotic Wave-Matter Interactions in Metamaterials with Broken Symmetries
Prof. Joshua Agar
11/16/2021 Dr. Urara Hasegawa, Penn State University Prof. Lesley Chow
11/30/2021 Dr. Josephine Allen, University Of Florida
Applications of DNA in cellular signaling
and biomaterial development
Prof. Lesley Chow

*Time TBA