Students majoring in Materials Science and Engineering are encouraged to take a minor in another field. There is sufficient room in the elective portion of the recommended curriculum to make this possible without overloading as long as careful planning is exercised. 

In several cases, where the match between the Materials major and the minor is particularly good, our department has made specific arrangements with the corresponding departments to establish recommended minors. These include minors in Mechanics of MaterialsChemical EngineeringManufacturing Systems EngineeringNanotechnology, and Polymer Science and Engineering

Many other minors are possible and encouraged, even if a specific curriculum for Materials students hasn't been established. A complete list of Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science (RCEAS) minors with links to detailed descriptions is available on the Rossin college web site.

There are also about 60 minors available in the College of Arts and Sciences that are available to engineering students. In addition, there is a minor in Education available through the College of Education, and a minor in Business available through the College of Business. In all of these cases the student makes arrangements directly with the department in question.

Materials Science and Engineering Minors: