Our materials science and engineering alumni take on global leadership positions in industry, research, national labs, and academia. They are known for their hands-on skillset and bringing creativity, innovation and extensive scientific and technical knowledge to the table. Our alumni take on faculty positions, leadership roles in leading companies and guide groups in R&D and national labs. We are proud of our alumni and what they have and continue to accomplish in their careers. We invite you to learn more of our recent graduate student alumni.

Recent Graduates

Gabrielle Esposito, PhD 2020

University of North Carolina | Post-Doc

Dissertation: Mechanical Behavior and Characterization of SLS Processed PA-11 for PA-11/Silica Nanocomposites

Li Lu, PhD 2018

Hewlet Packard | Research Engineer

Dissertation: Electron Microscopy Studies of Quantum Dot and Catalyst Nanomaterials

Sultan Althahban, PhD 2018

Jazan University Saudi Arabia | Assistant Professor

Dissertation: Aberration Corrected Analytical Electron Microscopy Studies of Nanometallic Catalysts

Binay Patel, PhD 2016

DSM Protective Materials | Technial & Business Development Manager

Dissertation: Toughening Mechanisms in Silica-Filled Epoxy Nanocomposites

Additional Graduates