Who We Are

We are a student-led group that organizes professional and social events for Lehigh MSE students to network and to provide opportunities to explore options for future careers.

Members: Hamza Alshweki, Mari-Therese Burton, Ben Garland, Milad Taghizadeh, Jonathan Valenzuela, Yitao Wang, Daniel Moore
Link to Alumni Interest Form: https://forms.gle/NGQu93KypCds7kTV7

Please fill out this form to stay in touch with our committee and get more information about our networking events!



Virtual Alumni Panel - Each Fall semester, we host an online Alumni Career Panel for Lehigh MSE students to ask questions and get career-related advice from alumni. This semester’s event was held on November 8 and featured alumni from a variety of companies (Intel, Chemours, CreditSights) and national laboratories (Sandia National Laboratory, the Army Research Laboratory). If you’d be interested in serving on a future panel, please fill out the link above to join our alumni network!

PhD Open House - Organize social events for prospective MSE Graduate Students during Lehigh’s Engineering PhD Open House.