Julie Goldberg ’21 began conducting engineering research at Lehigh during her first year.

On Candidate's Day 2017, Julie Goldberg '21 decided Lehigh was the school for her.

While on a tour of the environmental engineering department, Goldberg was approached by Professor Derick Brown, who struck up a conversation about some classes he was teaching. On a whim, Goldberg asked about undergraduate research opportunities as they parted ways. Brown, associate professor and associate chair of civil and environmental engineering, suggested she reach out over the summer to learn more if she committed to Lehigh.

"I was kind of taken aback," Goldberg says. "I wasn't expecting to do any research as a first-year, so that was really cool to make that connection with a professor, who I had not previously met, offering me a position working in this awesome lab."

Goldberg joined Brown's team that fall. One year later, Goldberg has immersed herself in her research, acting as the social class manager for Engineers Without Borders, a member of the Society of Women Engineers, and a Gryphon when she's not in the laboratory.

"I'm learning things in lab before classes, and then the things I have learned I'm reinforcing through research," Goldberg says. "Reading a book is one thing, but truly experiencing the material and understanding how it works is different."

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-Sam Topp ’19 is a senior journalism major and contributor for Lehigh University's Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

Julie Goldberg

Julie Goldberg '21 (Photo courtesy Lehigh University)