Prof. Rick S. Blum, IEEE Fellow and the Robert W. Wieseman Endowed Professor in Electrical Engineering in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Lehigh University, was named an IEEE Signal Processing Society Distinguished Lecturer for the 2018 calendar year. Blum was previously appointed the honor in 2011.

During his 2018 term, Blum presented lecturers to:

  • The IEEE Chicago Chapter (at University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • The IEEE Philadelphia Chapter (at Temple University)
  • The Lehigh Valley Computer Society Chapter
  • An extended tour of India that included a plenary talk at the International Conference on Control Communication and Computing in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala; talks to the Chennai Chapter, Bangalore Chapter (at the India Institute of Science) and the Chapter in Ahmadabad, Gujarat.

Blum also presented extended talks at:

The majority of Blum's talks were on new theoretical developments with practical implications for cyber security for Internet of Things Systems, Cyber Physical Systems and Sensor Systems.

Blum is scheduled in the near future for an extended tour of Australia (Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra) and New Zealand (Auckland), a talk in Paris, France and one in Bucaramanga, Colombia as well as future plans in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Columbus, Ohio and Dayton, Ohio.

Rick Blum

Professor Rick Blum (center) was named a 2018 IEEE Signal Processing Society Distinguished Lecturer. (Photo courtesy Lehigh University)