Chemical engineering alum Jill Seebergh '89 has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) in recognition of her “contributions to materials and coating processes that enable efficient and sustainable aircraft production, performance, and safety,” according to a press release

Seebergh is Principal Senior Technical Fellow for Boeing Research & Technology, having reached the highest level of Boeing’s technical workforce over her more than 25-year career with the company. 

Election to the NAE is an elite distinction in the field of engineering: Seebergh is among 114 new members and 21 new international members announced Feb. 6, 2024. There are now 2,310 U.S. members and 332 international members, according to the NAE. 

Seebergh holds 8 U.S. patents and a PhD and MS from the University of Washington in addition to her Lehigh degree. 

Read more about her work in developing new chemical materials and coatings in the Fall 2023 issue of Resolve magazine.

Jill Seebergh

Chemical engineering alum Jill Seebergh '89 has been elected a member of the National Academy of Engineering. (Photo courtesy of Boeing)