Open to all majors!
Are you a Lehigh student looking to pick up an elective for the Spring 2024 semester?
The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has a number of courses available for all majors. See below and register now!

CHE 001 "Coffee and Cosmetics" 

Course Instructor: James Gilchrist
CRN 14835
Lecture: T/R 1335-1450
Class for all Lehigh students designed by Lehigh students.  This class starts with  everything about coffee - from agriculture and roasting to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, ending with either a presentation or a competition for best design or brew mid-semester.  Cosmetics are then taught, emphasizing both their beauty and health impacts and the engineering of these soft matter coatings applied to a biological substrate (skin), also ending in a presentation and/or a competition for best lip balm. Engineering,  environmental, and cultural aspects will be discussed about each topic. Guest lecturers from both the coffee and cosmetics industries have been highlighted in past semesters. No more than a high school-level chemistry and physics are needed.  All majors welcome.

CHE 395/495 "Applied Data Science"

Course Instructor: Mayuresh Kothare
CRN 15100/15102-3
Lecture: M/W 1045-1200
counts in Computational Methods in Engineering Concentration
Advances in sensors and measurement technology, cheap data storage and abundance of computational power have fueled an unprecedented  interest in the emerging discipline of "Data Science". Virtually all parts of our lives are now affected, in one way or another, by data and data-driven  decisions, models and products. Sometimes the terms "data science", "artificial intelligence (AI)" and "machine learning" are used interchangeably, often without a clear distinction. The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to this emerging field, with emphasis on hands-on and structured  application of contemporary tools in data science. Through reading assignments, class discussions and projects based on hand-on programming with data-sets, students will learn valuable tools  applicable   to real-world problems in diverse domains such as engineering, biology and medicine.
Pre-requisites: interest in applying quantitative tools to real-world data, interest in learning about software and programming tools (Python).


CHE 397/497 "Innovations in Biomedicine"

Course Instructor: Whitney Blocher McTigue
CRN 15095/15097-8
Lecture: M/W 1210-1325
counts in Biomolecular Engineering Concentration & BioE elective
Introduction of polymers and their use in biomedical applications. Discussion of basic polymer physics and then a more in-depth look into how polymers play key roles in the development of therapies, drug delivery vehicles, and other technologies. Emphasis will be placed on biopolymers, but synthetic polymers will be examined. This course will  explore innovations in biomedicine surrounding polymers and discuss current and  future research.

CHE 398 "Our Sustainable Future"

Course Instructor: Joseph Menicucci, co-instructor: Steven McIntosh
CRN 15107
Lecture: T/R 1045-1200
counts in Energy and Environment Concentration
The global temperature throughout September 2023 smashed existing records and redefined the slope of global warming trendlines. Beyond the direct climatic impact, our current and growing societal demands for energy, natural resources, food, housing and health set us on an globally unsustainable path. In this course, we examine how we got here and the critical and rational role that engineers must play in redefining our societal trajectory. Discussions will be framed around core scientific and engineering principles with invited speakers providing external views from across campus and industry. 
The course is open to all engineering juniors and seniors or by instructor permission for other RCEAS disciplines.