A Real-Time Window Into the Making of Plastics

Researchers seek to improve the process of injection molding.

The Freedom to Ask Their Own Questions

At Lehigh's Mountaintop program, students pursue their ideas for changing the world.

A Mission to the Art of Engineering

At a STEM prep summer school on Lehigh campus, theory turns into reality.

Lehigh NSF CAREER Awards, 2009-2014

Lehigh Engineering faculty who've won the prestigious NSF CAREER Award over the last five years.

Resolve Magazine: Volume 2, 2014

Resolve® magazine is devoted to Lehigh engineering research and educational innovation, highlighting exciting partnerships, projects and academic programs at our University.

Resolve® is published semiannually by the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science and the Office of University Communications and Public Affairs at Lehigh University.

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