Episode 4 - “Hospitals are desperate for solutions.”

Rossin Connection Podcast


Wilbur Powerhouse @ Lehigh University

When Brian Slocum first read about the shortages of personal protective equipment, or PPE, in New York City hospitals, he started researching how 3D printing could solve some of the scarcity issues. But soon, local hospitals started emailing him, asking if Lehigh could use additive manufacturing to help them bolster their own supplies of protective gear.

This is a special, highly collaborative episode (with everyone adhering to social distancing rules!) that brings you inside the additive manufacturing lab in Wilbur Powerhouse, up to Mountaintop to the laser printers, and out on the road as Brian, Trevor Verdonik, and Michael Moore produce, assemble, and deliver up to 500 face shields a week to area hospitals and emergency management agencies. We also hear from employees in those institutions who rely on Lehigh’s shields to protect themselves, their coworkers, and their patients.

This initiative has so far been funded solely by Lehigh University. But Brian and his team will need additional support to continue their vital work. Dupont recently donated a 1000-foot role of PET plastic, enough to make 1000 shields. Please consider supporting the production of this critical piece of PPE for our frontline healthcare workers. You can make a contribution here.