Episode 13: The Astronaut, Part 2

Rossin Connection Podcast


Terry Hart“We had a saying at NASA, that we wanted to ‘maintain an even strain,’” says Terry Hart, referring to the excitement that builds among astronauts leading up to a mission. “So we would often, under those pressures, say, ok, we’re going to step back for a while, maybe not do any simulations for another day or two to maintain that proper stress level as you get closer to launch.”

It’s just one of many moments in Hart’s life that can pull double duty as a teachable moment. In part 2 of our interview with Hart, a professor of practice in mechanical engineering and mechanics, and former fighter pilot, inventor, telecommunications executive, and astronaut, he takes us through his experiences as an astronaut to his current position as someone who is “constantly surprised by how bright some of my students are.” 

Back in February, Hart was named to be the commencement speaker for the 2020 class. He had his speech—and his stories—ready to go, but the pandemic disrupted graduation. In these two episodes, listeners have a unique opportunity to hear some of what Hart planned (and still plans!) to say, and why being asked to speak to graduates was even more of an honor than being selected to become an astronaut.

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