While classroom teaching remains a crucial part of the collegiate experience and of preparation for future endeavors, it is clear that hands-on, "real world" projects provide students with meaningful opportunities to discover their passion and build the skills to support it. They build on what they’re learning in the classroom, have a tangible impact in the world and are prompted to think about where their experiences and classroom learning together might lead in their careers.

That is the essence of experiential learning. How we teach matters as much as what we teach; at Lehigh, we’re finding ways to facilitate these opportunities.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Capstone Design

Lehigh's Interdisciplinary Capstone Design experience is delivered through the award-winning Integrated Product Development (IPD) program, which gives juniors, seniors, and graduate students in engineering, business, and the design arts the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary teams with entrepreneurial and corporate sponsors to design,fabricate, and produce new products for a global economy.

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International Opportunities

Lehigh students have the opportunity to take their engineering education and experiential learning international through the university's study abroad programs. Lehigh offers over 250 study abroad programs across 60 countries through the Global Union, Iacocca Institute, Iacocca International Internship Program, the Mountaintop Initiative, United Nations Partnership and more.

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Industry Experience

Partnership with industry allows Lehigh to provide real-world collaborative experiences and professional development in an effort to prepare its engineering students for success after graduation. Industry-led projects provide students a chance to explore subjects within the engineering world that align with their career aspirations. These experiences allow students the opportunity to develop crucial skills for the future.

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Interdisciplinary Projects

Inquiry-based learning places students at the center of the knowledge discovery and construction processes. Instead of absorbing information from the professor or starting with a set of facts, students leverage their inherent curiosity to ask questions, engage with content, and seek answers through experiences and experiments. With a hands-on, minds-on approach, students make meaning based on their own lived experiences and their societal context. 

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Faculty-Led Research

In a time of ever-evolving challenges in important areas such as health, energy and global sustainability, Lehigh believes that tomorrow's leaders will best take on these challenges by doing more than answering questions that are posed to them; they will ask their own, and question every assumption given. Led by engineering faculty, over 40% of Lehigh's undergraduate engineering students experience this messy, unstructured style of problem-solving each year through deep immersion in research.

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Competition Teams and Clubs

There are hundreds of opportunities for Lehigh engineering students to parlay their knowledge from the classroom into a hands-on experience through student-led teams and activities on campus:

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Service Learning

Lehigh faculty, staff and students gather together throughout the calendar year to promote knowledge, research and more through service-learning classes and community-based projects on both a local and global scale. Locally, groups are pairs with various agencies throughout the area, including Bethlehem School District, Community Health Research Fellowship and more.

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"My goal is to have 100 percent of our undergraduate students engage in meaningful experiential learning during their education at Lehigh,” DeWeerth says. “We’re putting together a process to make that happen."
-Stephen P. DeWeerth, Dean