Find your passion at Lehigh

You may have already given some thought to the area of engineering that's right for you. Or, like the majority of prospective engineering students, you may have a broad interest in science and mathematics, but aren't sure how that interest translates into a course of study in engineering. 

All collegiate engineering majors require a core set of skills in science and math, but each emphasizes a different balance among the academic areas most people recognize from high school. On the following pages, we'll help you understand that balance across our undergraduate offerings.

But not everyone who studies engineering plans to be an engineer. You may be looking for a broader career path that combines your engineering skills with other interests. For you, we offer a range of unique and innovative interdisciplinary programs in engineering that cross traditional boundaries, like combining engineering with business, arts and humanities, and social sciences.

Insider Guide to Lehigh Engineering Undergraduate Studies

The Insider's Guide to Lehigh Engineering Undergraduate Studies was designed to help you understand the academic study of engineering, no matter how much exposure you have had to the world of engineering! (Click image to download!)

4+1 Accelerated Programs


The 4+1 Bachelor’s to Master’s Accelerated Programs allow eligible undergraduates to leverage up to 12 credits taken during undergraduate studies toward a master’s degree. Often, students can complete the credits for a master’s in one additional year of study at Lehigh beyond their four-year degree. | LEARN MORE >>