Congratulations to our 2018 David and Lorraine Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium winners! Read the recap from the 2018 UGRS and see photos from the event as well.

Thomas Farinha

WINNER: Thomas Farinha

RESEARCH: "Epitaxial MgO Films Grown on GaN by Atomic Layer Deposition: Growth Temperature Dependence and Thermal Stability"
DEPARTMENT: Materials Science and Engineering
ADVISOR: Nicholas Strandwitz

Michelle Kent

2nd Place: Michelle Kent

RESEARCH: "Microstructural Evolution of Dissimilar Metal Welds involving Grade 91 Steel"
DEPARTMENT: Materials Science and Engineering
ADVISOR: John DuPont

Ian Miller

3rd Place: Ian Miller

RESEARCH: "A Self-Contained Distributed Sensing System for Swarm Robotics"
DEPARTMENT: Electrical and Computer Engineering
ADVISOR: Dr. Jon Wallace

Rebecca Lentz

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Lentz

RESEARCH: "Differential Carrier Lifetime Measurements of InGaN Light-Emitting Diodes"
DEPARTMENT: Electrical and Computer Engineering / Physics
ADVISOR: Jonathan Wierer

Reilly Callahan

Honorable Mention: Reilly Callahan

RESEARCH: "Self-Assembling Hydrogels Based on Glycosaminoglycan-Peptide Hybrid Molecules for Tissue Engineering"
DEPARTMENT: Bioengineering
ADVISOR: Lesley Chow

Emma Leeds and Rachel Tenney

Honorable Mention: Emma Leeds and Rachel Tenney

RESEARCH: "Development of Struvite from Wastewater Using Insoluble Magnesium Sources"
DEPARTMENT: Environmental Science and Spanish / Chemical Engineering / Civil Engineering and Mathematics
ADVISOR: Dr. Arthur Kney, Dr. Polly Piergiovanni

Divya Patel

People's Choice Award: Divya Patel

RESEARCH: "3D Printing with Peptide-Polymer Conjugates to Regenerate the Osteochondral Interface"
DEPARTMENT: Bioengineering
ADVISOR: Lesley Chow