Thomas FahrinaThank you to everyone who attended the 2018 David and Lorraine Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium! Students from Lehigh University and Lafayette College presented their research projects at Lehigh's STEPS Building.

Also, a big thank you also to all of our participants, judges and everyone who helped make the day another big success. Congratulations to this year's winners!

Look back at this year's competiton and see the winners below!

Event Recap: Event Recap

Photos: 2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Thomas Farinha

WINNER: Thomas Farinha

RESEARCH: "Epitaxial MgO Films Grown on GaN by Atomic Layer Deposition: Growth Temperature Dependence and Thermal Stability"
DEPARTMENT: Materials Science and Engineering
ADVISOR: Nicholas Strandwitz

Michelle Kent

2nd Place: Michelle Kent

RESEARCH: "Microstructural Evolution of Dissimilar Metal Welds involving Grade 91 Steel"
DEPARTMENT: Materials Science and Engineering
ADVISOR: John DuPont

Ian Miller

3rd Place: Ian Miller

RESEARCH: "A Self-Contained Distributed Sensing System for Swarm Robotics"
DEPARTMENT: Electrical and Computer Engineering
ADVISOR: Dr. Jon Wallace

Rebecca Lentz

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Lentz

RESEARCH: "Differential Carrier Lifetime Measurements of InGaN Light-Emitting Diodes"
DEPARTMENT: Electrical and Computer Engineering / Physics
ADVISOR: Jonathan Wierer

Reilly Callahan

Honorable Mention: Reilly Callahan

RESEARCH: "Self-Assembling Hydrogels Based on Glycosaminoglycan-Peptide Hybrid Molecules for Tissue Engineering"
DEPARTMENT: Bioengineering
ADVISOR: Lesley Chow

Emma Leeds and Rachel Tenney

Honorable Mention: Emma Leeds and Rachel Tenney

RESEARCH: "Development of Struvite from Wastewater Using Insoluble Magnesium Sources"
DEPARTMENT: Environmental Science and Spanish / Chemical Engineering / Civil Engineering and Mathematics
ADVISOR: Dr. Arthur Kney, Dr. Polly Piergiovanni

Divya Patel

People's Choice Award: Divya Patel

RESEARCH: "3D Printing with Peptide-Polymer Conjugates to Regenerate the Osteochondral Interface"
DEPARTMENT: Bioengineering
ADVISOR: Lesley Chow