Challen AduStudent: Challen Adu

Project: Thermoelectric properties of chalcogenide perovskite | View Poster (PDF)

Institution: Lehigh University

Major: Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Advisor: Ganesh Balasubramanian


Thermoelectric materials convert heat into electrical energy. The commonly available thermoelectrics such as CuInSe2 and CdTe contain toxic metals and the need for other thermoelectrics containing earth abundant and less toxic elements arises. Orthorhombic BaZrS3 is a promising thermoelectric with a band gap close to the optimum value for single junction photovoltaics. We studied the thermoelectric and optical properties and observed a good thermoelectric figure of merit, ZT = 1.0 with the most contribution from the Seebeck coefficient. At 300-800 K for n- and p-type doping at low carrier concentrations we calculated a ZT of 0.92-0.98. The optimum ZT of 1.00 is achieved for n-type doping at 800 K at a carrier concentration of 1022 cm-3. BaZrS3 possess a high Seebeck coefficient of 3000 μV/K within 0±0.5 eV chemical potential with negligible electronic thermal conductivity (κe) between temperatures of 300-900 K.

About Challen Adu:

Challen Enninful Adu, is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aerospace Engineering. He began research with Dr. Ganesh Balasubramanian in January 2018. Most recently, Challen’s research has been focused on the thermoelectric properties of chalcogenide perovskites and their potential as new photovoltaic materials. This research has been done mainly through the usage of Density Functional Theory computational methods to determine the thermoelectric properties of BaZrS3. Outside of research, Challen is involved with the African Renaissance Dance team and African Students Association. He was previously a member of the Lehigh Hyperloop team and served as an international orientation leader to mentor first year students from foreign countries and facilitate their integration into college life in America.


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