Student: Daphna Fertil

Project: Surfactant Effects in Irradiated, Hanging-Droplet, Aqueous-Phase Glyoxal/Ammonium Sulfate Aerosol Mimic System

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Institution: Lafayette College

Major: Chemical Engineering

Advisor: Joseph L Woo


The atmosphere contains aerosols, many of which are composed of organic materials.  However, there is a level of uncertainty in regards to the aerosol in the atmospheric model due to  its formation via secondary organic aerosol (SOA). SOA are formed via in situ interactions with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Carbonyl-containing VOCs (CVOCs)  such as Glyoxal (G) and MethylGlyoxal (MG) are SOA precursors. Products formed in dark chemistry of G and Ammonium Sulfate (AS) solution were seen not to be surface active resulting in no significant changes in the surface tension of the solution. G/AS solutions were aged for 24 hours suspended and exposed to ultraviolet light (UV). Through ANOVA analysis there was a statistical difference between irradiated and non irradiated samples to the 95% confidence due to p values being greater than .05. However the analysis on the concentrations showed that there were no statistical differences in the concentrations tested due to being in the same tukey group.Currently, it is being examined if the effects of exposure of UV lights to G/AS reaction systems change with the presence of Nonanoic Acid and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS). In addition, the bulk concentrations will be examined to see if it affect any surface-dependent effects that occur due to the presence of extra surfactants.

Daphna Fertil

About Daphna Fertil

Daphna Fertil, senior chemical engineering major at Lafayette College from Brooklyn, NY. I am involved in atmospheric engineering research under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Woo specifically looking at the irradiation of ammonium sulfate and glyoxal solution. I also conduct research at Lehigh University with Dr. Lesley Chow looking at integrating peptides into the backbone of the polymer chain to degrade as a result of cellular cues. Member of student government as well as the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).