Our Mission

The mission of our department is to educate students in the principles and methods essential to the practice and advancement of civil and environmental engineering. The program incorporates new and emerging paradigms in teaching and education while maintaining rigorous standards in traditional approaches. Our goal is to prepare students to apply and continually cultivate knowledge that will enable them to become successful practitioners, innovators, and leaders serving our complex society.

Our History

Its name has changed over time, but the history of CEE is as long and storied as the history of Lehigh itself. The research lab that John Fritz built has launched thousands of engineering careers. Their success stories come from industry and academia; a few have become giants in their fields —like Fritz himself, the namesake of one of engineering’s highest honors. Decades of research conducted here inform the practice of engineering to this day.

CEE Facts

The civil and environmental engineering program is one of Lehigh’s largest, attracting students from all over the globe on the strength of its faculty, facilities, and research influence.  The department occupies three buildings on two campuses and is home to some of the world’s most respected laboratories.