Take a few moments to learn about our environmental engineering faculty and their various areas of interest. Click the name of a faculty member to learn more about what he or she researches. When you're done, the links at the bottom will take you back to the main CEE research page or to another specific research area.

Environmental Engineering Faculty

Derick Brown

Derick Brown

Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education 

  • Microbial attachment, metabolic activity and survival at interfaces
  • Transport of microorganisms through porous media
  • Multisubstrate biodegradation and microbial kinetics
  • Multicomponent non-aqueous phase liquids (e.g. coal tars)
John T. Fox

John T. Fox

Associate Professor

  • Modification and use of biomaterials to prevent or treat air pollution
  • Industrial waste reclamation process technologies for value-added resources
  • Developing materials with novel properties for water treatment applications

Kristen Jellison

Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Development

  • Environmental microbiology and molecular biology
  • Sources, fate, and transport of waterborne pathogens
  • Phylogenetic analysis of environmental pathogens
  • Pathogen detection and watershed protection
  • Water treatment technologies for developing countries
Arup K. SenGupta

Arup K. SenGupta

P.C. Rossin Professor

  • Ion exchange
  • Adsorption and membrane processes
  • Environmental separation
  • Toxic metal sensing
  • Efficient desalination and water reuse
  • Sustainable arsenic and fluoride technology in developing countries