As part of their master's or doctoral program, graduate students in the CEE Department can receive a graduate certificate that completes their education. The students interested in the certificate program take a series of four courses in a specific area, and at the end receive a graduate certificate that complements their main degree (M.S., M.Eng., or Ph.D.). The courses of the certificate count also towards the main program and they do not incur additional tuition charges.


Graduate Certificate in Probabilistic Modeling across Engineering and Science

Lehigh University aims at accelerating the ongoing process that, in the next decade, will make probabilistic modeling a fundamental skill for all engineers and scientists, as computational modeling has become in the last decades. The graduates of this program can become scholarly and professional leaders, complementing their academic degrees with this interdisciplinary certificate that provides them comprehensive competence in the art of probabilistic modeling, the science of uncertainty quantification, and the techniques for risk assessment.

Admission. The certificate program is directly accessible to all graduate students at Lehigh University. In addition, the certificate program is available to non-degree graduate students who satisfy the current admission criteria for Lehigh University (including the criteria for international students). No graduate entrance exams are required.

Courses and program. The Graduate Certificate in Probabilistic Modeling across Engineering and Science program is comprised of 12 credit hours of coursework. Students should select courses from two lists, Theoretical foundation and Applications in engineering and science:

Theoretical foundation (1 or 2 courses among the following ones)

  • Stat 410 - Random processes and applications
  • Math 463 - Advanced probability
  • Math 464 - Advanced stochastic processes
  • Math 467 - Stochastic calculus
Applications in engineering and science (2 or 3 courses among the following ones)
  • BioE 456 - Stochastic processes: theory and applications in biology (cross-listed)
  • CEE 406 - Reliability of structural components and systems
  • CEE 431 - Life-cycle of structural systems
  • CEE 458 - Random vibrations
  • ChE 456 - Stochastic processes: theory and applications in biology (cross-listed)
  • CSE 437 - Reinforcement Learning
  • CSE 447 - Data mining
  • ISE 416 - Dynamic programming
  • ME 446 - Mechanical Reliability
A complete list of acceptable courses can be requested to the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science, and it is reviewed by the Certificate Coordination Committee.

Graduate Certificate in Catastrophe Modeling

“Catastrophe Modeling” (or “CatModeling”) is a phrase still rarely used in academia. The term originated in the insurance sector to indicate a rigorous probabilistic approach to the study of natural disasters and their consequences, with the purpose of estimating expected losses, risk, and ultimately defining the premiums. This interdisciplinary program will the recently established Center for Catastrophe Modeling and is expected to be the first in the nation, despite the fact that professionals with such expertise are highly sought after. The sector is experiencing exceptional growth, the job market is vibrant, and companies find it challenging to recruit professionals with the complete portfolio of background knowledge that is needed. Starting salaries in the field are higher than starting salaries in most engineering professions.

The program will target engineers and scientists with a background in disciplines related to CatModeling (civil engineering, math, earth and environmental sciences, epidemiology, meteorology, economics, computer and data sciences, etc.) and enable them to have an impact on the field in various roles in industry, government, or education, by providing students with a background in engineering, mathematics, actuarial science, data science, and physics-based modeling along with vocational instruction.

The graduate certificate program is expected to officially open in the Fall 2023 and be available to existing and new students. More information will be made available when the program will open.


Graduate Certificate in Construction Management