Take a few moments to learn about our water resources engineering faculty and their various areas of interest. Click the name of a faculty member to learn more about what he or she researches. When you're done, the links at the bottom will take you back to the main CEE research page or to another specific research area.

Water Resources Engineering Faculty

Panos Diplas

Panos Diplas

P.C. Rossin Professor, Water Resources Engineering

  • Fluid mechanics
  • Sediment and contaminant transport through waterways
  • Floodplains and wetlands and their interaction with structures, vegetation and biota
  • Environmental, fluvial, ecological and infrastructure hydraulics
  • Hydrokinetic energy generation
Gerard Lennon

Gerard Lennon


  • Ground water and surface water hydrology
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Contaminant transport modeling

Y. C. Ethan Yang

Assistant Professor

  • Food-Energy-Water-Environment Nexus
  • Agent-based Modeling