Civil engineers who graduate from Lehigh University go on to design, build and maintain bridges, buildings, transportation facilities, coastal facilities, off-shore platforms, dams, tunnels, foundations and waterways. They work in the public sector—with municipal, state and national governments—and the private sector—with individual homeowners, small businesses and international companies.

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Civil engineers manage large-scale projects characterized by great complexity, longevity and cost. Society relies and commerce thrives on the systems and structures they create—from buildings and the plants that power them to the roads, bridges, tunnels and waterways that connect it all.

Why Civil Engineering?

  • Because you want to spend your days designing and building bridges, buildings, transportation facilities, coastal facilities, off-shore platforms, dams, tunnels, foundations and waterways

  • Because you want to manage large-scale projects with great complexity, longevity and cost

  • Because you are creative, analytical and detail-oriented, and you enjoy working with others

What sets us apart

Lehigh's civil engineering program provides a broad base of learning and research opportunities to prepare students to become leaders in their profession. Students gain skills and knowledge in designing and managing large-scale engineering projects while also learning to be leaders and innovators in a wide variety of related pursuits, including engineering management, business administration, law and medicine.

The program provides rigorous training in the fundamentals of the physical sciences, mathematics and scientific methods, coupled with complementary studies in the humanities and social sciences. Students acquire critical thinking and problem-solving skills, learn fundamentals in analysis and design, learn how to communicate effectively, and work as part of a team. They graduate with broad technical knowledge and a strong sense of how best to apply it in a globalized society.

Students in the program also have the opportunity to work on projects and research with internationally recognized faculty and in world-class experimental facilities. They have the opportunity to take part in Lehigh's Integrated Learning Experience (ILE) program, which encourages innovation and initiative while teaching teamwork, leadership and communication skills. Students are encouraged to work on projects with their peers from other disciplines, including architecture, computer science, economics, industrial engineering, marketing, materials science and mechanical engineering.

Lehigh's civil engineering students have made presentations at several national conferences, competitions and industry meetings and have received many national awards and recognition for their project work and designs.

4+1 Accelerated Programs


The 4+1 Bachelor’s to Master’s Accelerated Programs allow eligible undergraduates to leverage up to 12 credits taken during undergraduate studies toward a master’s degree. Often, students can complete the credits for a master’s in one additional year of study at Lehigh beyond their four-year degree. | LEARN MORE >>

Lehigh University's Civil Engineering Program is accredited by the Engineering Commission of ABET,