Take a few moments to learn about our geotechnical engineering faculty and their various areas of interest. Click the name of a faculty member to learn more about what he or she researches. When you're done, the links at the bottom will take you back to the main CEE research page or to another specific research area.

Geotechnical Engineering Faculty

Sibel Pamukcu

Sibel Pamukcu


  • Soil mechanics and foundation engineering
  • Geo-environmental engineering
  • Electrochemical technologies for soil decontamination
  • Value-added use of waste materials in earthen construction
  • Development and application of wireless and fiber-optic based-sensors for subsurface measurements
Mesut Pervizpour

Mesut Pervizpour

Professor of Practice

  • Single or multiphase fluid and heat flow
  • Material response of soft gels and porous media from the small strain-high frequency stage to the large strain-instantaneous impact-loading stage
  • Parameter estimation methodology
  • Real-time bridge health monitoring and asset management systems

Muhannad Suleiman

Associate Professor

  • Soil-structure interaction
  • Foundation engineering
  • Underground structures
  • Ground improvement
  • Advanced sensors and instrumentation
  • Pervious concrete
  • Sustainable geotechnical and foundation systems