P.C. Rossin College of
Engineering and Applied Science


Robin Hendricks - Research Scientist, Structures

Ian Hodgson - Research Scientist 3, Structures

Tommy Marullo - Scientist 3, Structures

Phairot Chatanantavet - Post-doctoral Research Associate, Water Resources

Wesley Keller - Post-doctoral Research Associate, Structures

Suman Konu - Post-doctoral Research Associate, Water Resources

Mohamed Soliman - Post-doctoral Research Associate, Structures


Polydefkis Bouratsis - Visiting Post-doctoral Research Associate, Water Resources

Bin Cheng - Visiting Research Scholar, Structures

Banfu Yan - Visiting Research Scholar, Structures

Yonghua Yang - Visiting Research Scholar, Structures

Hao Wu - Visiting Pre-doctoral Research Associate, Structures

Jie Wu - Visiting Research Scholar, Structures