Jonas Baltrusaitis

Associate Professor
Lehigh University - Packer Campus
HST Building 232
124 E. Morton Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Phone Number: 
(610) 758-6836
Jonas Baltrusaitis

Areas of Research

Catalysis and Nanoparticles
Surface Chemistry
Environmental Aspects of Energy Conversion and Utilization
Fossil Fuel Refining, Synthesis, and Conversion
Engineering Processes for Enhanced Sustainability
Solid Waste Treatment and Reuse
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Environmental Catalysis
Fate and Transport of Contaminants and Pathogens
Environmental Remediation


Prof. Baltrusaitis focuses his research efforts in several areas of sustainable catalytic conversion. Those involve:

  • natural gas component catalytic conversion to high value products
  • biomass catalytic upgrading
  • sustainable sulfur and phosphorus processing
  • renewable energy utilization in wastewater processing
  • low concentration organic wastewater stream treatment
  • emerging contaminant remediation and environmental catalysis
  • surface sensitive spectroscopies, data processing method development