Dr. Sabrina Jedlicka is an Associate Professor with the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science, and Deputy Provost of Graduate Education for Lehigh University.

Previously, as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs with the College of Engineering, Dr. Jedlicka's office was open to student inquiries of all kinds, from course advising to career guidance.  In addition, she worked closely with student organizations and academic departments.  Dr. Jedlicka also organized the first year engineering course, ENGR 005 and the interdisciplinary capstone course for Bioengineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.  In these efforts, she worked with students to develop a robust engineering mindset and eventually practice their engineering skills on real-world problems sponsored by external partners.  Finally, she has a keen interest in professional development and ethics.  

Dr. Jedlicka is also an associate professor with the departments of Materials Science and Engineering, and Bioengineering.   

Dr. Jedlicka's research interests focus on the fundamental interactions between mammalian cells and cell cultural substrates. Specifically, she is interested in developing reproducible, stable biointerfaces that communicate with cells and ultimately modulate cell fate and function. Her research revolves around biologically functional material design for use in cell-based therapeutics and drug delivery.

Dr. Jedlicka has obtained several grants from the National Science Foundation, as well as Lehigh internal research grants. She has received awards from the National Science Foundation, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, Lehigh University, Purdue University, and Kansas State University. She has served in several volunteer positions for the Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE).  From April 2021 - April 2022, she served as the President of the Institute of Biological Engineering. 


Recent Publications:

Sarkhosh, T., Mayerberger, E., Jellison, K., and Jedlicka, S. (2021). Development of cell-imprinted polymer surfaces for Cryptosporidium capture and detection. Water Research.

Jaafar, I., Jedlicka, S., and Coulter, J. (2021) Poly(glycerol sebacate): A revolutionary biopolymer. Physical Sciences Reviews. 

Wei, M.T., Jedlicka, S., Ou-Yang, D. (2020) Intracellular nonequilibrium fluctuating stresses indicate how nonlinear cellular mechanical properties adapt to microenvironmental rigidity. Scientific Reports.

Jedlicka, S. (2020). Using creative writing as a tool for learning professional development in materials science and engineering. ASEE 2020: 10.18260/1-2--35459.

Pimputkar, S., Skutches, G., and Jedlicka, S. (2020). Enhancing student appreciation for materials science: Integration of domain specific project based learning in an introductory materials science course.  ASEE 2020: 10.18260/1-2--34575. 

Pirbhai, M., Chandrasekar, S., Zheng, M., Ignatova, T., Rotkin, S., and Jedlicka, S. (2019). Augmentation of C17.2 Neural Stem Cell Differentiation via Uptake of Low Concentrations of ssDNA-Wrapped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. Advanced Biosystems.

Sabrina Jedlicka
Sabrina Jedlicka
Associate Professor and Deputy Provost of Graduate Education
(610) 758-4425
Whitaker Lab 344
5 E. Packer Ave.
Bethlehem, PA 18015


Ph.D., Engineering, Purdue University, 2007
M.S., Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University, 2006
B.S.E./B.S., Biological and Agricultural Engineering/Chemical Science, 2002
B.S., Psychology and Women's Studies, Kansas State University, 2002

Areas of Research

Neuroengineering, Biointerface Design, Surface Science, Biomaterials, Polymers, Bioengineering, Medicine and Life Science, Mechanical Characterization, Optical Characterization, Structural and Chemical Characterization, Synthesis and Processing, Neuronal Cell Biology