E. Thomas (Tommy) Pashuck joined Lehigh following postdoctoral training at Rutgers University and Imperial College in London. His research interests focus on designing novel biomaterials that are able to target specific cells and guide them towards a specific regenerative outcome. This is done by utilizing enzyme responsive peptides and nanoscale organization to control the chemistry and nanoscale placement of biological motifs within hydrogels. This platform can be used to both help understand how different cell types work synergistically within a biomaterial and how to guide them towards a specific cellular outcome. He hopes that this will improve our understanding of basic cell biology and help develop materials that can be translated into the clinic.

Tommy Pashuck
Tommy Pashuck
Assistant Professor
HST Building
124 E Morton Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015


Ph.D., Materials Science, Northwestern University, 2009

Areas of Research

Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Biomaterial Engineering, Hydrogels, Biodegradable Polymers, Peptides, Nanofibers, Scaffold, Enzyme Responsive Biomaterials