Minor: Materials Science & Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering is an exciting field that can serve as an excellent complement to a major in another subject. A Minor in Materials Science and Engineering provides a solid foundation in the field. The Materials Science and Engineering technical minor delves into engineering materials, plastics, ceramics, metals, coatings, processing, electronic materials, and associated topics.

Students in any field may take the minor in Materials Science and Engineering. For engineers in other majors it will provide an education in materials properties and processing, leading to the basics of materials selection and failure analysis. It should be especially easy for students of Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

For students outside engineering, it can provide a background in an area of great importance to the overall development of technology.

Lehigh alumni with this minor go on to work in various different industries including chemicals, electronics, transportation, communications and aerospace, as well as financial, educational and legal concerns in these sectors.

To obtain a minor in materials science and engineering, a student must complete at least 15 credit hours.