CHBE graduate student Bin Zhang (working with Professor Israel Wachs) was the overall winner for the Best Poster at the recently concluded Philadelphia Catalysis Society meeting. Runner up was CHBE graduate student Chris Rzepa (working with Professor Rangarajan/Mittal). 
The 25 poster presentations were given by grad students from U. Delaware, U. Pennsylvania, Penn State, Lehigh University, U. MD, U. MASS, and U. Minnesota. In addition to the academic attendees, many industrial researchers also participated from DuPont, Johnson Matthey, W.R. Grace, DOW, Air Products, Arkema, Alloy Surfaces, Evonik, Zeolyst International, PQ Corporation, Gore, Cristal Global, Surface Measurement Systemsand The Catalyst Group. The winner of the Best Poster was Bin Zhang (Lehigh University, advised by Prof. Israel E. Wachs) for the poster "Tuning the Surface Active Sites by Surface Modification of Supported ReOx/(SiO2-Al2O3) Catalysts for Olefin Metathesis." The Runner Up was Chris Rzepa (Lehigh University, advised by Profs. S. Rangarajan and J. Mittal) for the poster "Towards Data-Driven Structure-Property Relations for Predicting Adsorption Entropy in Siliceous Zeolites."
The Catalysis Club of Philadelphia ( was founded in 1949 for catalysis researchers to discuss the latest developments in the field of catalysis and holds regular monthly meetings. The CCP strives to foster interactions within the technical community and expose local researchers to cutting edge developments in the field of catalysis. It also holds an annual graduate student poster competition.