Sharing a love for all things STEM

The Lehigh Engineering experience is rooted in the philosophy of learning by doing, a principle that seamlessly extends into the realm of “learning through service.” Our commitment to outreach connects Rossin College students, faculty, and staff to the vibrant communities of Bethlehem, the broader Lehigh Valley, and beyond.

Within this dynamic environment, service opportunities abound, whether through internal initiatives or collaborative efforts with partner organizations. These experiences offer meaningful pathways for students to apply their engineering skills in practice, confront real-world challenges head-on, forge valuable relationships, and make a tangible impact on lives.

In the Rossin College, we view engineering as more than just a profession; we see engineers as catalysts for positive change. Our efforts to engage with young minds and individuals from groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields aim to broaden and extend the transformative potential of a Lehigh Engineering education.


Are you a teacher or school administrator in the Lehigh Valley region seeking to enrich the classroom experiences of your students?

Are you a Lehigh faculty member seeking support in proposal development?

The Rossin College Office of Community Outreach can connect you with the right people and resources around our campus, and can help to broaden the impact of Lehigh engineering research by enhancing the educational outcomes for students around the Lehigh Valley and beyond

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