Are you a Lehigh student looking to pick up an elective for the Spring 2023 semester?

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has a number of courses available for all majors. See below and register now!

CHE 098 - Coffee and Cosmetics

CHE 098 "Coffee and Cosmetics"

Course Instructor: James Gilchrist
3 credit hours
CRN 14516
Lecture: T/TH 10:45AM - 12:00PM

Class for all Lehigh students designed by Lehigh students. This class starts with everything about coffee - from agriculture and roasting to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, ending with either a presentation or a competition for best design or brew mid-semester. Cosmetics are then taught, emphasizing both their beauty and health impacts and the engineering of these soft matter coatings applied to a biological substrate (skin), also ending in a presentation and/or a competition for best lip balm. Engineering, environmental, and cultural aspects will be discussed about each topic. Guest lecturers from both the coffee and cosmetics industries have been highlighted in past semesters. No more than a high school-level chemistry and physics are needed. | LEARN MORE >>

CHE 339 - Introduction to Principles of Neuronal Modeling and Computation

CHE 339 "Introduction to Principles of Neuronal Modeling and Computation"

Course Instructor: Mayuresh Kothare
3 credit hours
CRN 14522
Lecture: M/W 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

An introduction to neuroscience in a computational and engineering framework. Reading of relevant chapters from a collection of introductory textbooks and literature surveys. Class discussion of assigned papers and participation in group exercises. Case studies - with simulations - from biology, health, and medicine. Introduction to basic software tools for simulating neuronal responses. Computational aspects of information processing within the nervous system, focusing on single neuron modeling.

CHE 376 - Energy: Issues and Technology

CHE 376 "Energy: Issues and Technology"

Course Instructor: Hugo Caram
3 credit hours
CRN 10998
Lecture: T/TH 7:55 AM - 9:10 AM

The course discusses energy use, storage, generation, and distribution, which includes the environmental effects of current processes and their mitigation. Students try to answer some practical questions, how far can an EV car go, how meaningful are carbon dioxide offsets by growing trees, can we store energy as compressed air in caverns, what would it be like in a hydrogen economy? Elementary quantitative understanding of physical laws and chemistry preferred.

CHE 377 - Electrochemical Engineering

CHE 377 "Electrochemical Engineering"

Course Instructor: Steven McIntosh
3 credit hours
CRN 14520
Lecture: M/W 12:10 PM - 1:25 PM

From batteries for electric cars to green hydrogen production and wearable electronics, electrochemical technologies play an increasingly critical role in our daily lives. Meeting future global zero carbon sustainability goals will require a dramatic shift away from fossil fueled chemical and energy industries to renewable powered electrochemical processes. Through project-based learning, this course equips students with the fundamental knowledge of electrochemistry to enable impact in this rapidly developing industry.

CHE 396 - Machine Learning for Molecules to Processes

CHE 396 "Machine Learning for Molecules to Processes"

Course Instructor: Srinivas Rangarajan
3 credit hours
CRN 12754
Lecture: M/W 9:20 AM - 10:35 AM

Machine learning is rapidly becoming a mainstay in physical, chemical, and biological sciences and engineering. Using examples from these domains, this course will teach introductory and intermediate concepts in building models from data. The second half of the course will primarily involve student-generated content (presentations, hands-on tutorials, hackathon, etc.). Guest lectures from experts in industry (chemical, pharma, etc.,) and academia will provide a general idea of the many facets of applied data science and machine learning.