Chemical engineering alum Frederick Douglas ’80G, founder and president of Cosmos Technologies, was recently featured in the Pittsburgh Business Times’ Personalities of Pittsburgh series. 

Cosmos Technologies is a small business engineering consulting firm with locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky. Douglas founded the company after an 18-year career in chemical engineering. 

Douglas holds a patent for an industrial wastewater remediation process that “uses an advanced oxidation catalytic process using a manufacturing byproduct that would have been discarded that removes metals from the wastewater and produces a stream in which the metals are significantly reduced,” according to the article.

He notes that the technology “is also amenable to recovering metals” such as aluminum.

“One of the things we focus on is rare earth metals extraction, which is a big problem facing the U.S. right now,” he says in the article. “Other countries dominate that market and they’re very necessary for electronics components. Companies are shutting down plants because they can’t find rare earth metals they need to build transistors.”

Read the full interview with Douglas on the Pittsburgh Business Times website.