Application fee waiver for all Webinar attendees

For students and emerging professionals in science and engineering, grad school may very well seem like a beast lurking in the shadows of some distant future.

"It doesn't have to be that way," says Sabrina Jedlicka, associate professor and associate dean of academic affairs. "Whether or not to attend graduate school, and how to choose the right path once you've made that decision, is really just about understanding your options and following your interests."

To help you consider the possibilities of graduate studies, Lehigh University's Rossin College Office of Academic Affairs is hosting virtual education sessions throughout October aimed at making the entire process more transparent. And, all webinar attendees will receive an application fee waiver code, usable until 12/1/2021.

Please use the links below to register, and contact the Rossin College Office of Academic Affairs with questions.

Applying for a Master's Program

Oct 20, 2021, 7pm-8pm U.S. Eastern

For many graduating seniors, a master's degree can be the ticket to an elevated career trajectory through the acquisition of advanced skills and knowledge, often via research. What is the difference between an MS and an M.Eng., and is it the same across disciplines? How can you best position yourself for success through the application process, and beyond? This session will help explain the benefits, the process, and outcomes of engaging in master's studies in engineering. 

Application fee waiver for all Webinar attendees - register today!

Graduate study in engineering at Lehigh University

Yes, after college, you may really (actually) decide that your best bet is more schooling(!). So, how do you make that call? How do you find the right opportunity, what do you need to do to apply, how can you position yourself for success once you make that decision? 

For answers, check out this recorded Webinar on "The Graduate School Application Process" featuring Dr. Sabrina Jedlicka, associate dean of academic affairs for the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science.