Christina V. Haden, an associate teaching professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics (MEM), gave two talks at the 2023 ABET Symposium, held April 20-21, in Nashville. 

The annual symposium is the organization’s “flagship event for accreditation, assessment, and the global exchange of best practices in STEM education.” 

Haden, who is also the MEM department’s undergraduate curriculum assessment coordinator, discussed the use of performance indicators for program assessment in a joint presentation with Gloria Rogers, senior adjunct director for professional offerings at ABET.

“I was honored to discuss the innovation MEM has been implementing around student learning and assessment with Gloria,” says Haden. “I’m proud of the work we have been accomplishing here in the area of educational innovation, and was thrilled to share this with a broader audience at the ABET Symposium.”

In her second talk, Haden addressed strategies for promoting gender equity and retention in engineering. 

“While efforts to engage young women in STEM disciplines before college are increasing, many still will divert to non-STEM majors during their undergraduate studies,” she says, “It’s critical that institutions foster inclusive environments that encourage women to stay the course, especially in disciplines such as mechanical engineering that have historically attracted a less diverse population of students.”

Haden serves as her department’s ABET accreditation and assessment coordinator, has become an ABET facilitator, and is currently working toward serving as an ABET program evaluator. 

She was recently honored with the 2023 Richard P. Vinci Award for Educational Excellence, given by the Rossin College in recognition of outstanding teaching commitment to student success.