Kedar Joshi, a 2017 PhD graduate of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering advised by James Gilchrist, will start as an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Gao (IIT Goa).  In the Gilchrist Lab, Kedar studied the convective assembly of colloids for 3D structured coatings used in optical applications such as polymer membranes and microlens arrays atop LEDs.  After graduation, Kedar joined the lab of Professor Lisa Biswal at Rice University for his postdoc and worked on magnetic colloids in dynamic fields, analyzing their phase behavior and structure using statistical mechanics.  In the future, Kedar is interested in understanding the collective behavior of colloids. Primarily, he will be working on colloidal thermodynamics, which compares colloidal systems to classical counterparts.  

Congrats Professor Joshi!