ICYMI: Soaring Together with a first-gen college grad and member of Lehigh's first co-ed class

"Technical skills will only get you so far in life," says Jill Duerig, a retired engineer, attorney, and a member of Lehigh's first co-ed class of undergraduates. "In many ways, to communicate your findings clearly and accurately is more important in achieving career success than simply being a good engineer. And, as many know, communicating your own ideas is only a small part of success. Classes in writing and speaking, taken in college or later in life, can really enhance an engineer's skills, whether for interviews, report writing, team projects, marketing a proposal to potential clients, or for presentations at technical conferences. In addition, learning to listen to others—faculty, peers, subordinates, or clients—is even more critical. Remember, no matter how much you learn or think you know, every single person in a room knows something that you do not know."

Learn about Jill, her educational experience, and her advice for the next generation of women targeting careers in STEM fields in Lehigh's Resolve magazine, Volume 2, 2021.