ICYMI: Soaring Together with chemical engineering alumna and senior technical fellow for Boeing Research & Technology

"Maybe I was just lucky," says Jill Seebergh, Senior Technical Fellow, Chemical Engineer at The Boeing Company, "but my primary educational experience took place among a very close-knit group of men and women (maybe 40 of us in total) who worked well together, enjoyed each other and our professors, and helped each other out all along the way. My ChemE senior design group was two men (John and Jeb) and two women (Lisa and me), and it was some of the best times ever! What I learned (as I reflect all these years later!) was to expect to be respected and listened to and taken seriously. That served me well in graduate school and throughout my professional career."

Learn about Jill, her educational experience, and her advice for the next generation of women targeting careers in STEM fields in Lehigh's Resolve magazine, Volume 2, 2021.