Less than two years ago, Professor Hank Korth initiated the Blockchain Lab, which promotes interdisciplinary research on the potential uses of blockchain technology in financial services. The lab is designed to engage faculty and students in producing research, conferences, and white papers on the applications of blockchain in areas of finance such as currency, clearing and settlement, capital formation, and efficient contracts. The lab's work addresses the implementation and regulatory challenges in adopting blockchain technology and the challenges and opportunities presented by central-bank digital currencies. Already the lab is ranked 40th in the nation by CoinDesk and 115 worldwide. The Blockchain Lab recently received a gift of $100,000 from Steel Perlot Investment LLC.


Here is a short video created by The Brown and White in a multimedia production on October 26, 2021 by Leo Liu. This video, shared with the permission of The Brown and White, is an interview of Professor Hank Korth and undergraduate student, Alec Mitrokostas, on the topic of blockchain courses currently offered at Lehigh.