Terlaky gave two plenary talks in Asia and is giving an endowed lecture at RPI

It is our great pleasure to report that Lehigh ISE George N. and Soteria Kledaras '87 Endowed Chair Professor Tamás Terlaky is delivering talks in Asia and the US, in the prestigious forms of plenary lectures at conferences and academic distinguished endowed lectures.

Professor Tamás Terlaky was the Guest of Honor and Invited Opening Plenary Speaker at the G-20 Themed International Conference on Variational Analysis and Optimization with Applications (ICVAOA-2023). The conference took place at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), one of the oldest and most prestigious universities of India, and attracted participants from all over the world. Professor Terlaky delivered the opening plenary lecture on quantum computing optimization and was recognized with AMU’s Life Time Research Excellence Award.

Recently, Professor Tamás Terlaky also delivered a virtual plenary lecture at the 9th International Conference on Industrial and Systems Engineering. Professor Terlaky's presentation, titled "The Quantum Computing Revolution: Optimization Challenges, Trends, and Perspectives", shed light on the exciting advancements in the field of quantum computing optimization, and its potentially transformative impact on the field of industrial and systems engineering.

Last but not the least, Professor Tamás Terlaky is invited to deliver the Spring 2024 Class of '27 Series endowed lecture at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). The prestigious Class of '27 Lecture Series is analogous to the Lehigh ISE’s Spencer C. Shantz Distinguished Lecture Series. Notably, RPI has acquired an IBM-Q Quantum Computer, and is making significant investment in the quantum computing area. Terlaky’s invitation to deliver a public and technical lecture focusing on “advances, challenges and research opportunities on the area of quantum computing optimization” is also a recognition of the quality of research, high level of activities and ever-growing visibility of the ISE Department’s Quantum Computing Optimization Laboratory (QCOL).   

In the words of Dr. Terlaky “I am most grateful for the support of our department, and the opportunities Lehigh provided to me. I am also indebted to all members of the QCOL for helping to bring the ISE Department and Lehigh in the center of the world of quantum computing optimization. They share the high recognitions coming with prestigious lecture invitations and scientific society service recognitions.”