Thinking manufacturing? Think again, and think bigger. ISE is distinctive because its tools can be applied to any business in any setting, from production to services, in either the private or public sector. Industrial and systems engineers design, improve, and optimize processes, systems, or the products and services themselves. In today’s competitive marketplace where continuous improvement and cost containment are paramount to survival, this is an extremely critical role. That is why our graduates are so sought-after.  

ISE graduates take a “systems” perspective – assessing all of the inputs and outputs, the people, money, machines, information, resources, and time – in order to do things better. Using mathematical models and methods, the industrial and systems engineer makes an impact through critical decision-making. This is why, over time, our graduates rise through the managerial ranks. | LEARN MORE >>


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College Factual 2021:

Lehigh ISE is ranked #3 Best Colleges for Industrial Engineering in the US (among 58).

Lehigh ISE is ranked #10 Highest Paid Engineering Grads in the US (among 58).


U.S. News & World Report 2021:

Lehigh ISE is ranked #20 in Industrial/ Manufacturing/ Systems Engineering (Best Grad Schools, among 92).


Niche 2020:

ISE is ranked #8 Best Colleges with Industrial Engineering Degrees in America (among 85).