Computer science and engineering professor Daniel Lopresti was recently quoted in a syndicated story on the current state of cybersecurity, as many businesses have had to switch to digital workplaces. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to update their approach to keeping vital information safe as employees conduct business remotely from home.

“We’re in a wild, wild west world right now,” Lopresti commented. The need for remote access to sensitive data “exposes tremendous potential for risk in the cyber realm” that is a major concern to IT professionals. 

According to the article, “‘Remote desktop protocol,’ or RDP, hacks are up a whopping 330% since the coronavirus shutdowns in March. Lopresti recommends minimizing that potential for data and information hacks by buying a new computer or having the employer buy or provide a work-dedicated device.”

He also shared some practical advice including changing passwords frequently and powering down equipment: 

“Shut the computer down every night…that reduces the risk. A machine that is shut down can’t do any damage.”

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