Prof. Cristian-Ioan Vasile and Declan Coster '23 discuss research on self-driving in urban environments

Cristian-Ioan Vasile, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and mechanics, and electrical engineering student Declan Coster '23 discuss their latest research regarding self-driving in urban environments and the challenges with artificial intelligence and transportation in a recent episode of WDIY's Teen Scientist podcast, hosted by Rayna Malhotra.

"There are a few challenges that we need to overcome to get there," explained Vasile when asked about the future of self-driving. "Even if we had all of the computing power in the world, there are still questions regarding how safe it is." 

Listen to the episode, AI and Transportation, on WDIY's website. 

Cristian-Ioan Vasile

Cristian-Ioan Vasile is an assistant professor of mechanical engineering and mechanics

Declan Coster

Declan Coster '23 is an electrical engineering major with minors in entrepreneurship and computer science.